imotionG6 75 portrait double sided in Zagreb for DOOH advertising


Client augmented its national indoor shopping mall advertising network with ultra-high bright 75” sunlight readable digital LCD city light displays. They are placed at top national locations and spread all across the country to attract big advertisers (ATL advertising).

Situation analysis

Shopping mall DOOH advertising network owner wanted to expand its offer and strengthen power and value of its coverage. It was essential to set up critical-mass high-quality and low after purchase cost outdoor displays with comprehensive remote health status supervision and support.


At initial stage it was crucial to establish satisfactory critical mass network of 23 large format all weather outdoor digital “city light” totems. Most of units are double face totems, while remaining ones are wall mounted 75” screens. All of units are placed at the most frequent passersby areas all across the country. These very noticeable LCD displays are covering city centers of all ten major towns in Croatia. This was important to access ATL (Above the line) advertising budgets and attract big brand advertisers. As sole organization offering such attractive medium and support services, this is network very likely to grow.  Edin Pasalić, co-owner of Go2Digital refered to technology part:” It was of outmost importance to use most reliable technology and partner. After 6 months of researching and testing several systems we found that Infinitus gave us the most reliable product for our need. Our core business depends on it and there was no room for mistakes. That is why I am happy we have establish contact with Infinitus …

Public display

At initial stage to cover all areas and satisfy local municipalities three different type of units were chosen. Most of the units are branded all-in-one imotionG6 75” portrait double side, with ultra-high bright 2.500 nit LCD panels. These unique to Infinitus IP66 enclosed HVAC driven units are expected to deliver many years of high quality performance and minimal downtimes in many cases very close to coastal line. Based on same HVAC technology, four custom imotionG6 75” portrait double sided with attached double side 32” interactive multimedia info pillar was intended for highest value municipalities. Side touch screens are used as interactive tourist information provided to towns free of charge. For less demand areas environment, salt and vandal wise imotionFLOW 75” portrait screens are in use. In this way quality wasn’t compromised as appropriate for location units were chosen.  For coastal locations additional construction changes were made, to handle extreme wind loads.

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